A 100% Vegan Greek Food Stall Has Arrived In Adelaide

Yes, please!

A 100% Vegan Greek Food Stall Has Arrived In Adelaide Staazi & Co

Attention Adelaide Vegans: You don’t have to ditch your precious Greek food and flavours just because you choose to not eat animal products!

Food stall Staazi & Co: The Greek Vegan Project has landed in the Adelaide Central Market today and will be here until Saturday, August 25, serving up all sorts of traditional Greek favourites from gyros to baklava.


“Our mission is to provide you ethically created dishes with locally sourced produce where possible at a reasonable price,” their website reads.

“Our commitment is to care for the welfare of all animals and the environment. All our meals are made without the use of any animal products, inclusive of meat, milk, cheese, butter, cream and eggs.

“Our ingredients are 100% plant based. We are confident we can change any preconception you may have that being vegan is limiting.”


In the past, Staazi & Co has popped up at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, and at numerous events like the Vegan Festival, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s Wintergarden, and WOMADelaide.

Although their menu is seasonal, check out some common options: 

  • Oregano and sea salt seasoned hot chips
  • “Lamb” yiros & AB
  • Eggplant and potato bake – Moussaka
  • Stuffed peppers – Yemista
  • Chickpea stew – Revithia
  • Baked lima beans – Gidandes
  • Green string beans and potato casserole – Fasolakia
  • Spinach and “feta” pie – Spanakopita
  • Lentil soup – Fuckes
  • Greek salad
  • Cabbage salad


Yiayia approves. 

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