Farrell & Greene Both Kick Goals In AFL Debuts Against Each Other

Port Adelaide Takes Bulldogs 78-34

Farrell & Greene Both Kick Goals In AFL Debuts Against Each Other Fairfax Media

Local boys Kane Farrell and Fergus Greene each made their debuts in opposing teams yesterday in the Port Adelaide VS Western Bulldogs AFL game, and what a start to their careers!

Kicking a goal in your debut game is something aspiring AFL players can only dream of, and it’s exactly what these two former Bendigo Pioneers achieved. 

Greene told Bulldogs TV in a post-game interview that he realised the significance of the game while eating a bowl of spaghetti.

“Everyone will tell you just play it like a normal game, but there is a bit [of nerves] there… [It] probably didn’t hit me until about lunch time today, and I was just eating spaghetti bol and sort of struggled to get it down.”

- Fergus Greene

 Apparently Tom Campbell gave the youngter some advice before the game, telling Greene that if he kicked a goal to make the most of it. Greene admitted, “I probably went a bit hard on the celebration but that’s alright. [It was a] special moment. I’ll remember that for a while.”

 Fairfax Media

 Farrell told OAK Plus about his experience in the build-up to the game.

“Obviously the first quarter I was really nervous but as soon as I started getting into the game… the nerves just went away, and it started to become just a normal game of footy for me.”

- Kane Farrell

Port Adelaide took the win over the Western Bulldogs with a final time score of 11.12 (78) to 5.4 (34).