Yeppoon Swans Massacre Gladstone Mudcrabs With A 322-0 Win

A Not So CRAB-ulous Performance

Yeppoon Swans Massacre Gladstone Mudcrabs With A 322-0 Win The Observer

Whatever the Yeppoon Swans are doing, fans are hoping they will keep doing it with a 51.16 (322) to 0.0 (0) final time score against the Gladstone ‘Muddies’ this weekend.

Swans players Thomas Cossens and James Malone were standouts with a total of 40 goals between the pair – 22 to ‘TC’ and 18 to Malone.

The game proved a momentous occasion for Cossens, who kocked his 100th goal from just 120 games, while Malone is expected to reach the same milestone by the completion of the minor round.

Yeppoon Swans VS Gladstone Mudcrabs | The Observer

Despite suffering a humiliating loss, Muddies coach Aaron Barrett is optimistic looking ahead. “We started with 17 players and finished with 15, but credit to the guys who made the trip up because they kept at it all day,” he said, also stating that the team was focusing on “the little victories” throughout the game.

Barrett complimented the Swans on their strong play in the mid-field and forward line, calling them “hard to stop”, and shared hopes that the player numbers would improve next season. “The club is doing all it can to address the issue and make sure we can take two full sides away,” he said. 

At least the crabs aren't burying their heads in the sand after such a massive loss.

It’s a touchy subject for Tim Bolch – Hit Central Queensland Breakfast Show host – who plays for the Gladstone Mudcrabs, but we’re sure his co-host Jess won’t let him forget it!