Police Urge Chapel St Hit & Run Driver To Hand Himself In

"This is not going to go away..."

Police Urge Chapel St Hit & Run Driver To Hand Himself In Police

Police are urging a man in his 20s to hand himself in after a fatal hit and run on South Yarra's Chapel Street on Sunday. 

A 27-year-old woman died on South Yarra's Chapel Street when the stolen white Mercedes sedan cut into the bike lane, knocking her into the path of another car on Sunday.

Crime scene photos showed the twisted wreck of the bicycle after it was pinned between the two cars. The victim has been identified as a woman from the Netherlands.

But the driver remains at large after running away from bystanders who helped him from the vehicle.

"His first thought was to run. It wasn't to help, it wasn't to stop, it wasn't to think about the poor person he's hit," Inspector Stuart McGregor said on Sunday.

A photo of the suspect has been released. He is aged in his late 20s or early 30s, with a black moustache and long hair. At the time of the crash he wore black shoes and dark clothes including tracksuit pants with an Adidas logo.


The Mercedes was stolen on August 5 during an aggravated burglary at Elsternwick

"This is not going to go away ... we will not stop, we do not stop. We will arrest you," Insp McGregor said.

"You're going to go to court. You're going to look a lot better if you come to us."

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