Coles 'Little Shop' Items Selling For Thousands On eBay

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Coles 'Little Shop' Items Selling For Thousands On eBay

While the plastic bag ban has dominated headlines of late, another big event at the supermarket has been the Coles 'Little Shop' promotion.

In fact, such is the fanfare that complete sets of the Little Shop have surfaced on eBay - for as much as $1,000.

The Little Shop promotion contains 30 miniature collectable items, with an additional case.

These include small Vegemite bottles, toothpaste, bananas and washing powder - some of which are selling for as much as $50 each online.

One listing has boasts an entire collection brand new, plus an additional $14-odd for postage.

The promotion has had a mixed reception.

While some were critical of the promotion so soon after the fuss of the plastic bag ban (and subsequent backflips), others have whole-heartedly embraced the collectibles.