Victoria Has The Highest Heroin Use In Australia

New data

Victoria Has The Highest Heroin Use In Australia File Image

Victoria has the highest level of heroin use of any state or territory in Australia, a report has found.

An Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission report released on Tuesday shows almost 350kg of heroin is consumed in the state each year – the highest consumption in Austrlaia.

Overall,  the data shows an overall decrease in average use for many of the drugs tested, including cocaine, MDMA, MDA, heroin and oxycodone.

The wastewater tests from April 2018 checked for 12 drugs and covered more than half of the Australian population, with 47 wastewater treatment plants participating across the country.

Nicotine and alcohol remain the most consumed substances of those tested, while methylamphetamine levels were the highest in the illicit drug category.

Methylamphetamine use decreased in regional Australia while increasing in the cities.


- ACT: highest use of fentanyl in a capital city, increased use of methylamphetamine, cocaine, MDA, oxycodone, fentanyl and heroin

- NSW: highest levels of cocaine use in a capital city and regionally, highest regional use of MDMA, MDA and fentanyl, increased methylamphetamine consumption across the state

- NT: highest levels of nicotine and alcohol, most methylamphetamine and MDMA use in a capital city

- QLD: Fentanyl use on the rise, second highest regional consumption of cocaine

- TAS: highest consumption of MDA, oxycodone and fentanyl in a capital city

- VIC: highest levels of heroin use, increasing fentanyl use and highest regional consumption of oxycodone

- WA: highest methylamphetamine use in regional areas