Cherbourg Man Slapped with ‘Thousands of Dollars’ in Fines

“keep your nose out of police business”

Cherbourg Man Slapped with ‘Thousands of Dollars’ in Fines

A 21-year-old Cherbourg man has been hit with thousands in fines after appearing before the Murgon Magistrates Court.

The man was involved in an incident on June 23 around 10.10pm when police were arresting a male person in Cherbourg.  While attempting to put him in the back of the police car they were allegedly confronted by a large, aggressive group of people.

Police observed the accused to be constantly approaching a senior constable as he loaded a male into the car, he was clearly heard and observed taunting police and acting with extreme aggression toward them, causing significant and dangerous obstruction to the officers.

He then proceeded to walk around the front of the police vehicle and brought his fists down on the bonnet, causing a large dent.

The man was fined $2850 for public nuisance, obstruction of a police officer, assault of a police officer and wilful damage.

He was also ordered to pay $1320.61 in compensation for the damage to the police car.  On top of that, the young man was also $400 for failing to report to the Murgon police station on May 13, 2018.

The Magistrate told the accused; "Keep your nose out of it, you're a decent cut of a bloke, stick to what you do best and stay out of this type of behaviour and let the police do their job.”

The convictions were recorded.

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