Upcoming Bushfire Season puts Esperance at Risk

Above Average Fire Potential

Upcoming Bushfire Season puts Esperance at Risk

The Esperance region has been identified as an area with above average fire potential by the Southern Australia Bushfire Outlook report.

The report found despite a good amount of rainfall during winter, the underlying and persistent deep root zone soil moisture deficits along the Esperance Plains had resulted in forest and shrub land vegetation sustaining to additional water stress. 

The report also found that there had been significant rain early on in 2018, which resulted in elevated surface soil moisture in some areas. This means there has been increased growth of the shrubs and grasses and therefore an increased expected fuel load for bushfires. 

It's estimated the peak bushfire season for Esperance will be around January and February of 2019. 

All zones in the Esperance Shire are currently in an Unrestricted Burning Period. 

A Restricted Burning Period is set to occur between September 19 and to October 31.