'Diet Drinks' Are Just As BAD As The Sugary Ones

Uh oh...

'Diet Drinks' Are Just As BAD As The Sugary Ones Coca-Cola

If you’re one of those people who opt to drink the diet version of everyone’s fave soft drinks, thinking you’re doing yourself a favour instead of consuming the full-sugar versions like your mates… we’ve got some bad news for you. 

According to experts, it turns out that those diet drinks are just as bad for you.

Yes, diet versions usually contain less calories and sugar, BUT a new report from the American Heart Association has linked diet sodas to an increase in the risk of:

- Weight gain

- Type two diabetes

- Dementia

- Strokes

- And some cancers 

For children, it has been suggested they are more at risk of disease if they drink diet drinks from a young age. 

Dr Alice Lichtenstein, who took part in the report, explained, "We hear a lot about potential adverse effects of low-calorie sweeteners, but much of it is speculation. We have to go with the available evidence. The best advice we can give at this time is to ramp down intake and avoid excess consumption.”

Looks like you might want to rethink your diet drink obsession...


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