Magpies Remember Your Face For Up TO 5 Years & We Are NOT Okay


Magpies Remember Your Face For Up TO 5 Years & We Are NOT Okay

It’s magpie season and we’re all wildly trying to avoid any area where we may get swooped by the vicious bird that is the aggressive / unfriendly / over-protective magpie. 

As if they weren’t scary enough, almost clawing peoples eyes out and swooping on unsuspecting walkers with earphones in, but it turns out these sneaky bastards actually remember what we look like and where we live… 

Umm… okay so I’m NOT okay with this. 

Mamamia spoke to behavioural ecologist Dr Darryl Jones, who revealed, “[magpies] know everyone, they watch kids grow up. When they decide to start treating that person as a threat, they know where they live. They can victimise someone easily.”

According to all the info, magpies will follow us and find out where we live, no matter what route we take home. 

Also, they can remember a face for up t five years… 

Basically, you’re going to have a stalker for five years, waiting to swoop you once swooping season comes ‘round. 

Listen, I used to love them - my Grandma used to hand feed a whole family of them that always came up to her front door, for years. They’d even trot on into the house. 

But now I feel like they may have been the exception to the rule… 

Never leaving the house again. 

Actually, maybe it’s time to move. 


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