This Guy Transformed His Driveway Into Diagon Alley & It’s Magical

What a DREAM!

This Guy Transformed His Driveway Into Diagon Alley & It’s Magical Facebook @ DiagonAlleyProject

When you think of things only a true Harry Potter fan would do, we’re pretty sure transforming your entire driveway into Diagon Alley is one of them… 

At least this is the case for Jonathan Chambers from Seattle in the U.S, who spent 17 days transforming his muggle driveway into one worthy of all wizards. 


His youngest daughter had suggested the fun idea and Jonathan worked on turning it into a reality. 

Dozens of volunteers pitched in to help so that it would be ready for last Halloween, and it sure was a hit among the kids and adults alike!


Jonathan went into great detail, hand-painting signs, golden snitches and 3D lanterns, with the street including many of the faves: Eeylops Owl Emporium, Ollivanders wand shop, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Magical Menagerie, Flourish and Blotts bookshop and Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.


Jonathan spoke to Mashable about his creation, saying, "Harry Potter, this fantastical world is perfect theme for Halloween.

"Diagon Alley is the perfect atmosphere for the holidays from Halloween through the New Year, and we plan to take advantage of the excitement for local charities.

"It took a lot of pre-planning and obsessing over all the details, most of which I did in my head. I did do quite a few drawings and a lot of research on each of the shops and the Alley itself."


The wonderful creation is closed at the moment, but Jonathan will be bringing it back for Halloween this year!

Find out more about the project HERE.

Why not give this a try at your own home?

The kids will love you for it!


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