Keira Shades Jarrod By Doing The Thing He Broke Up With Her For

She’s living her best life.

Keira Shades Jarrod By Doing The Thing He Broke Up With Her For Instagram: keiramaguire / Channel Ten

We were all shattered when we found out Bachie faves Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate had parted ways. The pair have been going back and forth with their own sides of the story, but we feel like Keira has finally got the one-up on her ex! 

If you haven’t heard, Jarrod claimed he broke up with Keira because of her usage of social media, which she uses to make money. Now that Keira has been left with a broken heart, she’s doing exactly what Jarrod didn’t want her to do… use social media to make money!


The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star is now the face of Deliveroo’s 'The Heartbreak Pizza'. It is pretty much a pizza shaped like a heart which has been cut down the middle – much like Keira’s heart.

“Having your heart broken sucks, but at least with this you get pizza while untagging every photo on social media of you together,” Keira said, with obvious sadness. 

“I can’t help but wish that Jarrod had sent me one, although knowing him he would have scrapped off the toppings.” BURN!

Feeling heartbroken and really want pizza? If you’re in Sydney, Richmond or Adelaide, you’ll be able to order the pizza through the Deliveroo app for $18-$20 until Sunday 16th September. It won’t banish your horrible ex for good, but it’s a start.


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