Stephanie Beatriz aka Rosa Diaz Just Got Married!

Rosa, Rosa, Roooossaaaa!

Stephanie Beatriz aka Rosa Diaz Just Got Married! @bradhoss Instagram

Actress Stephanie Beatriz, who is probably best known for playing Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has just tied the knot with her partner Brad Hoss!

The couple said "I do" in an intimate ceremony that according to Stephanie, didn't make her nervous at all!


She told PEOPLE magazine before the ceremony that her friends were calling her "bridechilla" days before the wedding.

“My friends are all calling me ‘bridechilla'. They’re like, ‘Why aren’t you stressed out?’ and I’m like, ‘Cause I’m marrying an awesome human.’” 

She also said that yes, her Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast mates attended the wedding.

“That’s all we talked about this last week at work. We were just like, ‘Yeah, we can’t wait to party!’ 

“I think Andy’s excited to have another Hot Cheetos burrito. I think all of us are excited to dance. That’s one of our favourite things to do when we’re out all together, at a birthday party or whatever. Everybody loves to hit that dance floor.

“And not for nothing, all of them are pretty new parents. They deserve a night to just let loose and celebrate life, and I’m really, really excited that they’re all gonna be there to celebrate with me.”

Chelsea Peretti, aka Gina Linetti, also confirmed that she was in attendance by posting this beautiful photo of the reception:


Here is a photo of the ceremony that Brad posted as well, just because...:


Congrats to the happy couple!

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