'Harry Potter' Fans Are Fuming After The New 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Uses Key Wizard Move

Copy cats?!

'Harry Potter' Fans Are Fuming After The New 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Uses Key Wizard Move Warner Bros. / The CW

The Charmed reboot has already copped a lot of hate from fans of the original series, but now, the show's creators have gone ahead and done something that's set another fandom upon them.

A new trailer for the series shows a new character teleporting from one place to another which, in the original series, was done with a white beam of light surrounding them and carrying them from place to place.


Now, however, the beam of light, called an orb, has been changed to apparating just like the did in the Harry Potter films!

Here's how they did it in the new Charmed trailer: 


And here's how it happened in the Harry Potter films:


Coincidence? Harry Potter fans think not!

They've taken to Twitter to share their anger and well, they're not holding anything back!

First we had these:

“Copycats the whitelighter teleports like they do in #harrypotterAnd it’s not their legacy it’s the #halliwellsisters legacy. Come up with new ideas and be more original.”

“That’s a Harry Potter apparition!”

“I’m shocked! Plagiarizing Potter’s apparition ???? That’s enough.”

Then we got these doozies:



Check out the full trailer to see what's happened here:


So, let's see how this goes...



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