Here's How Australia Reacted To That BIG 'Block' Walk Out

Will they return?!

Here's How Australia Reacted To That BIG 'Block' Walk Out Channel Nine

The Block fans were treated to some shock storm offs last night, with two contestants dropping their tools and walking away, after the building site’s foreman said they should completely redo their living room ceiling. 

Spence and Kerrie were the couple at the centre of the storm off, trading their usually cool and calm attitudes for a flurry of frustration. 

Builders had used the wrong mounts to make their apartment sound proof and it tipped the couple over the edge, as foreman Dan told them to take out the 170 mounts and replace them, or else obtain a data sheet proving they were in compliance. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to continue their work on their ceiling. 


The heat was turned up a notch, with the duo refusing to take out all the mounts, opting to wait for the data sheet as they were confident it would comply. 

Spence told producers, “I don’t like doing things twice.

“So if they are talking about whether it is a 5mm bit of rubber or a 7mm bit of rubber between an acoustic mount, that’s just weird.”

Unfortunately, the data sheet couldn’t be obtained… and the couple said they would ‘throw’ this week’s room reveal!

Dan then said the couple HAD to install the mounts again and went on and on about how they ‘should have done it earlier’. 

The couple then unleashed their rage, ranting to producers, “It’s an exercise in futility, it’s an exercise in stupidity changing these clips. 

“It’s the biggest loud of horses*** ever and I am really cross, really, really, cross.”

Spencer added, “You know what should we pack our bags and f*** off? It’s been ridiculous.

“I need to get out of this place — f*** you Dan, we are here to build a nice apartment and this is all BS … f***ing hell I need to get out of this f***ing joint."

The duo walked off the show… and no one knows if they’re going to be coming back.

Here are some of the reactions to their walk off last night:


Find out if they will return to The Block tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Nine!


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