Adelaide Opens Up To Andrew Denton About Their Views On Voluntary Euthanasia

Heartfelt calls.

Adelaide Opens Up To Andrew Denton About Their Views On Voluntary Euthanasia

The latest attempt to introduce voluntary euthanasia laws in SA was debated in Parliament. It's the 15th attempt to pass the controversial laws after being introduced by a Liberal MP last month.

If voted in, the bill would permit terminally ill patients who are suffering unbearable pain to access assistance in ending their life. It’s supporters are hopeful the bill will at least be voted through to the committee stage for further investigation. 

Ultimately, a conscious vote by all MPs will follow.

To talk more about voluntary euthanasia, Andrew Denton - who is a huge advocate for people to have an ethical death, within their own means and terms if they are terminally ill - joined Amos, Cat & Angus this morning.

We posted the question on our Facebook page, to find out Adelaide’s thoughts on this issue:

99% of people said that they were pro-euthanasia.

Andrew Denton asks the important question: “Why should any Australian be left to die an untreatable pain, when they can be helped another way?”

However, there are people who also oppose this law. 

Aiden - who is a massive fan of Andrew Denton - has faith and also believes in the "sanctity of human life". Andrew talks to him about why he thinks pro-voluntary euthanasia is so important.

We also had a number of callers come through with their own stories. Julie from Moana called in to say that she unfortunately lost her mum to cancer on Friday. Her family would have done anything for her to save her from suffering.

Our hearts go out to Julia and her family and we thank all of our callers for allowing us to hear their stories.

Take a listen to the compelling discussion on Amos, Cat & Angus: