GM of Sky Garden Bali Not Happy With His Security Guard

“I was appalled by what he did”

GM of Sky Garden Bali Not Happy With His Security Guard

As Jamie Murphy landed back in Perth with his family after his run in with the law in Bali, Amos, Cat & Angus caught up with the GM of the club where he was detained just a few days ago.

Sean McAloney – Acting GM of Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta spoke exclusively to the hit107 breakfast show this morning  to set the record straight on what really happened on Tuesday night when the 18 year old Perth teen was arrested.

After a white packet of powder was found in Jamie’s bag by club security guards he was escorted to police, where he was detained, before just 24 hours later the powder tested negative for traces of illicit drugs, and was in fact paracetamol.

McAloney was very surprised at how people’s emotions were whipped up very quickly after seeing the video that allegedly showed his club’s security having a the bag of small white powder in his hand in what people described as a “set up” – he explained that video was simply a reenactment at the Kuta monument which is where the mobile police station is, and was not of the initial arrest.

However, on the heavy handedness of Sky Garden’s security team he says, “I was appalled by what he did.”

“The police asked him (Jamie) to do a reenactment, they asked him to participate willingly and at that time he was a bit scared. The police had determined that there was sufficient evidence to detain him for further investigation.”

“Our security were completely inappropriate for manhandling him, police had instructed our security to hold his face so they could get a photo for their detainment record, and Jamie wasn’t willing to have the phot taken.”

“That security guard has been reprimanded. We released CCTV to show everyone what exactly transpired to make everyone feel more calm, showing inside the club from the door to the exit.” 

“We run a no drug club, we just want people to come and party and relax.”

“I was completely relieved to hear the news (that he got off).”

He warns other teens, a silly mistake can go very wrong, but Bali is a beautiful place.