Angus' Definitive 14 Step "Man Shower" Guide!

It's quite the process!

Angus' Definitive 14 Step "Man Shower" Guide!

On the weekend, Angus and his mates devised the perfect process of the “man shower,” he ran Amos and Cat through the exact steps every man needs to take as the definitive man shower: 

  1. Take off clothes whilst sitting on the edge of bed, leaving them in a pile
  2. Walk naked to the bathroom along the corridors, if you see the missus along the way – shake it at her with a "wahoo!" sound effect!
  3. Look at your manly physique in the mirror, suck it in to see what it could be if you did some work 
  4. Admire the size of yourself
  5. Get in the shower, wash face, armpits, blow your nose in the shower and watch the water wash it off
  6. Fart and laugh at how loud it is in the shower
  7. Spend most of the time washing your privates and the surrounding area, wash your butt, leave your course butt hair stuck in the soap or loofa
  8. Wash your hair with a shampoo mohawkThe Definitive 14 Step "Man Shower" Guide!
  9. You pee obviously 
  10. Rinse off, then partially dry off after failing to see the water on the ground because the shower curtain was hanging out the tub the whole time
  11. You admire yourself in the mirror again
  12. You leave the shower curtain open, wet mat on the floor, and the light and fan on
  13. Return to the bedroom, towel on, if you pass your missus, you pull off the towel you shake your wiener and yell "wahoo!" again
  14. Finally throw your wet towel on the bed

Watch to see what Cat thinks of this blokey shower process: