Which Dog Owner Should Pay The Vet Bill?

An altercation between two dogs...

Which Dog Owner Should Pay The Vet Bill?

The love of Angus’ life, Buckets – his Great Dane, is moving to Adelaide soon, but at the moment he’s been staying with his mum Annie in Torquay. 

Annie was walking Buckets at the beach, and a dog had approached Buckets aggressively attacking him and Buckets snapped back in self-defense. When the neighbour got home, she noticed some teeth marks on her poodle which resulted in a visit to the vet.

Outrageously, Annie has offered and agreed to pay her vet bill of $120, plus took her flowers! Much to Angus’ angst.

Now she’s trying to recoup the costs from Angus and he’s cursing his mum over paying for the vet bill given Buckets didn’t start the fight.

We took calls to vote on who was responsible for the vet bill – people got fired up!!!!

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Amos and Cat are on Annie’s side – who's side are you on for #DogGate?