About Bella

NAME: Bella

AGE: 30

Favorite Food: Anything gluten free and full of fun!

Pet Hate: That H word is not in my vocab. Only LOVE. Love for everything! Life is amazinggggg!

Ideal Weekend: Yoga + Beach + Friends + Sun + Fun = Happy Bella.

Hobbies: Yoga, drinking chai lattes and shopping at Pac Fair – that’s a hobbie yeah?

More About Me...

Before we go any further #LEMMETAKEASELFIE! You know those memes you tag your friends in who ‘Love taking Selfies’? I get tagged in those most days of the week…..

I love anything with sparkles on it and believe that Ryan Gosling and I are destined to be together. I just have to figure out how to get Eva out of the picture….and that baby? TBC.

I get passed the mic from 12-4 every day (#SORRYNOTSORRY) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to chat about boys/anything/boys/everything/boys call me and we can be besties xo

Wanna get in touch with Bella? Request an old school song or just have a chat?

Hit her up at Bella@seafm.com.au