About Beth

The story behind the voice

About Beth

Hello!!! I’m Beth, I’m a talker on your airwaves from 12-4pm every day. I’m a weird, crazy individual who will probably have you using the :O emoji quite frequently. 

What do I love???

Music!! Just follow me on snapchat: bethanyglarsen and you’ll see my goofy studio dancing for yourself (sorry workmates) :S 

Fitness! I’m that girl who has everything Lorna Jane, drinks unsweetened almond milk and avoids gluten. Look out for the giggling blonde chick at any Canberra fitness events! 

SOCIALITE-ing! (Yes, I just made a verb.) Tell me the hot spot or ‘it’ thing to do for the weekend and I’ll be there… Although please give me enough notice so I can organise the perfect outfit! Some online shops can take like a week for your stuff to arrive you know!

I go a little crazy in a studio talking to myself all day so please buzz me on 13 10 60 and we can hang.