I’ve been picking up heaps since I moved to Canberra… GIRLS!

It's not what you think!

I’ve been picking up heaps since I moved to Canberra… GIRLS!

I’ve been in Canberra for just over 4 months now and since moving here I haven’t picked up any guys… Just girls (oh, but not in the way you’re thinking.)

I absolutely love it here and I look at all the amazing friends that I have now and think, this never would have happened if I wasn’t brave and didn’t put myself out there.

Quick back story, this is my third move in three years (fourth city). My first move was to Port Augusta in 2013 and for the first 6 months I basically had no friends. It was the hardest time of my entire life. I would spend my weekends either at work, cleaning or sitting in my room watching different TV series on my laptop (while racking up the biggest internet bill ever because stupid me was ‘hot-spotting’ from my phone! Apologies to the guy at Virgin I got in an argument with over this.) From this experience, I learnt that when you move to a new city, you need to take chances, offer your number to anyone and everyone and not be afraid to put yourself out there. This I did. So, here are my biggest pickups so far.

Pickup #1
Tanya’s Tribe. If you haven’t heard the back story, watch this quick vid here

Basically, this is an event created by my co-worker Tanya Hennessy at Hit 104.7 for people who want to make friends. I went along, had some drinks, had some good chats and like dating there were some people who I naturally ‘connected with’ more than others. Steph and I swapped numbers, I messaged her a week later to meet up for a drink (which was scary because we’d only met once), fast forward a few months and she’s one of my best friends.

Pickup #2
Lorna Jane.

I’m the type of person who will chat to a broomstick. I basically tell my life story to everyone that I meet. I was explaining to the (might I add, super-hot blonde haha) Lorna Jane chick that I was having to buy warm running clothes because I had just moved here from Townsville and was actually going to die this winter if I didn’t layer X10. We got chatting and she very kindly gave me her number saying ‘text me and I’ll introduce you to some girls.’ The ball was in my court (ooooh, it really is like dating) and I was SUPER SCARED, but I thought, screw it, #YOLO, I texted her and we met up for brekky. I soon discovered Maddy is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. You know those people who make you a better person by being around them!

Pickup #3

Despite the impression you may have got from the title up the top here, I don’t actually like to ‘pick-up’ when I go out. I prefer to have fun with my friends, dance up a storm and let off steam without getting groped by some drunk weirdo, so I normally end up dancing in groups of girls, as opposed to a group of guys, in a 'grope-free area' of the dancefloor. I was out with my friend Mel a couple of weeks back and we were breaking out to RnB and getting all low, with two other girls at Hopscotch. They looked smoking and I was getting massive outfit envy from one of them, so I told, my now really good friend, Keilani, how amazing she looked! She responded saying, ‘thank you so much, you just made my night, I was feeling really self-conscious before you said this’ (don’t know how, she’s a stunner!)

See, to me this is what being a woman is about, empowering each other and helping each other feel confident; I don’t understand why girls get jealous and want to tear other girls down. I told Keilani I was really new to Canberra and she was like ‘we should be friends!’ So we made it Facebook official and now I wouldn’t even want to go a week without seeing her!! We have regular bachie dates and extra bonus, she lives two streets away!! Swipe up for a super like!

Making friends is just like picking up and dating. It’s sometimes awkward, uncomfortable and scary, but so unbelievably worth it!

I am possibly the happiest I’ve ever been right now with my life in Canberra, but, none of this would have happened if I didn’t take a leap of faith.

Beth xxx

PS… Someone should create an app called ‘Friender!’ Or is that already a thing?? If not © © © haha!!!