Big Bush Freeze 2

Raising money for FIGHT MND

Big Bush Freeze 2

Big freeze at the G is always a massive fundraiser for FIGHT MND, also this year there was an unveiling of 'The Big Sherrin' at Ungarie to celebrate everything the Daniher's have done and to raise funds and awareness for MND.

Now....Big Bush Freeze 2 is coming to Kindra Park, Coolamon.

This is a fundraising event for 'The Grasshoppers' team as part of the Daniher's Drive. If you want to get involved and donate to this fantastic cause, you can right here....

Brendan Gibbons joined Herbie & Dane to chat everything Fight MND, Daniher's Drive and the Big Bush Freeze 2.

 Just before the first grade game against Coolamon Rovers and Wagga Tigers local personalities will be sliding into a freezing cold pool of water.

Would you like to get behind Dane as he makes his way down the slide?

He's looking for you to sponsor him and if you do he'll WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT!!