Shelley Craft Spills Secrets Of The Trade

The Block & her TV success

Shelley Craft Spills Secrets Of The Trade Triple M

This morning Josiah & Elly spoke to Shelley Craft "Shelley from The Block" about kitchen week, and why it's so popular? 

Shelley said that the judges love kitchen week because "kitchens sell houses", tradies love it because the contestants stay out of their way, and Shelley loves to see the new designs and latest trends!

But it’s also the room they designed pretty much the first day they arrived on The Block… so let’s just hope that what they were planning for their apartments on day 1 is what they stuck with throughout these last 4 weeks, and that these kitchens are actually A) going to fit, and B) going to fit into the style that they’ve been creating for the last few weeks.

- Shelley Craft

Shelley also admitted that she finds it hard to feel sympathetic when the contestants have breakdowns. “I... see it through rose coloured glasses. I know, come auction day, how good they’re all going to be feeling about what they’ve achieved. And I’m really hoping for some great results, so I kind of look at it from the end game and then play backwards.”

Hear Shelley explain to Elly what it takes to be a successful TV presenter below...