Should Shepparton Run Flights To Melbourne For $80 Each Way?!

Just a 30 min flight to Melbs!

Should Shepparton Run Flights To Melbourne For $80 Each Way?!

This morning on Josiah & Elly, they spoke about the potential for there to be a flight from Shepparton to Melbourne for just $80! Is this a great idea or are we just lazy? 

Josiah was browsing on the Shepparton Buy, Sell, Swap the other day, as you do, and came across this post that got his attention:

But, do we need it? Is Shepparton in DESPERATE need for a charter flight to Melbs? 

"First of all, don't be lazy, just drive. But, there could be heaps of families that need it. It can take up to eight people as well," Josiah said.

While there are some benefits of it, Elly wasn't totally won over.

"It's a really good time saver and I suppose as well it's not the time waster that a lot of airports are. Cost wise, it's not really cost effective," she said. 

Romantic Josiah over here seemed to have other ideas!

"You know what it would be amazing for? Date day. Imagine taking someone on a date! Hop in the car, drive to Kialla, hop on the plane, straight to Melbourne for a day trip." - let's hope Josiah's date isn't afraid of heights! ;) 

What do we do when we can't come up with an answer? We take it to the callers! Listener Julie was all for it, "I'd certainly use it! Better than driving down. It costs you that much in fuel." 

Do you think Shepp would benefit from this service? Listen to the full chat with Josiah & Elly here: