About Luke

Full name: Luke Lum

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to get away with it.

Job: Afternoon on-air guy/resident music monkey.

Favourite Food: I’ll try everything once. Favourites are Mexican, Indian, Japanese.

Ideal Weekend: I’m such a boring person… I honestly love nothing more than catching a movie or sitting through a season of a TV show. I think I’m the only person left watching How I Met Your Mother.

Pet Hate: Rudeness. Oh and people who “eat to live” or say “I’m not really hungry, I’ll just have some of yours” Get. Out.

Hobbies: Running and eating. I actually prefer eating, but I have to run if I want to keep eating. It’s such a vicious cycle.

Perfect World: Being able to eat anything and everything and not “feeling guilty” about it afterwards.

More About MeI grew up in Victoria, the home of AFL and four seasons in one day. I wasn’t really great at school, I spent more time stalling asking teachers silly questions but looking genuinely interested, just so I could avoid doing classwork. I got my start in radio by pushing buttons at a small country station in Victoria’s Gippsland region, before packing up and heading around the country. Radio’s taken me to the NSW Far South Coast, all the way to the top end in Darwin and now Townsville. I’m looking forward to experiencing Tropical North Queensland and hope you’ll forgive me when I handball a footy (I just don’t get how you throw those things…) and pick the pineapple off my pizza.