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... love sport, always have - always will - from dancing to state netball to playing backyard cricket \over the fence= 6 and out! always great fun!!!
I really don't like Metal coat hangers, they get all tangled and cling onto knitted clothing- frustrating!!!..

i like to do things on the spur of the moment,yeah sometimes the ideas are totally ridiculous but hey you have more fun that way! i enjoy being a girlie girl but love to carve it up with the boyz..!

Still get excited about Christmas and adore Easter yum chocolate... family is important to me so is being honest. Love working for STARFM - but the early wake up ...
I could leave that part out.

I'd rather live in the sticks than in the city and will always pick to wear colours over black.. :) xx 

That's me!


Born into a life where everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Money, fame, women, he had it all. That is, until he pursued a career in radio. Now living in squalor, fighting large rats and small children for scraps of food, he takes his financial frustrations out on his audience of the Mid North Coast, much to Nicole's chagrin.

As he has stated on many occasions, Jack loves his job because he doesn't have to talk to people, he can talk at them instead. This makes voicing his ignorance that much easier.

He maintains that his biggest professional achievement to date is that he has "never had a day off". But management at Star FM assured us that "the quality of work he consistently produces shows he never really has a day on either."

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