A SHOCKING Number Of Gippslanders Admit To Stealing!

We can't believe it!

A SHOCKING Number Of Gippslanders Admit To Stealing!

This morning on the show, Nick & Zoe spoke about a very serious topic...STEALING! 

A supermarket deli worker was recently charged $13,000 for stealing slices of ham over an 8 year period in her job. We're pretty shocked that it wasn't one of the benefits of the job. Suuuurely it has to be?!

But Zoe seems to think there could be a pretty big crime happening in the good ol' fruit & veg section that A LOT of us are guilty of...taking a grape from a packet to munch on while shopping. Quick, get Sherlock Holmes onto this one! 

Nick says it's a definite crime. But Zoe is on the fence because her grandma said it was fine so like, aren't grandmas always right...?

What do you think? Is this stealing? Should we be locked up for committing such a heinous crime? Could we at least have a bag of grapes to take in with us? You be the judge!

You can listen to the grape debate between Nick & Zoe here: