Osher Gunsberg Reveals Why He Fired His Wedding Planner

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Osher Gunsberg Reveals Why He Fired His Wedding Planner

Image: TV WEEK

Osher revealed this morning he and fiancé Audrey fired their wedding planner after realising he wasn't all he was cracked up to be.

 "We decided to get a wedding planner to work things out, and take care of business while Audrey and I go about managing each other’s lives, move house, buy a house, and managing the social and co-ed sport life of a 12-year-old," he said.

 "It was an extravagant expense but I thought, you know, this is going to be worth it. Peace of mind."

"So we interviewed a few people and we settled on...let's call him Darryl.

"We met him back in July and thought, this is great, Darryl you're awesome!"

"We told him in two weeks we needed to be emailing out save the dates and within a month I need to have those invitations in people's letterboxes."

After major delays with the invitations and complications meaning Audrey would not have the dream wedding she had in mind... Osher had enough.

"It was a 20 second conversation. It was from the Uber to the gate of the airport, I picked up the phone, I was so mad by this point..."

"I was kind of worked up, I thought of all the reasons this person shouldn't be doing this job...."

Abby said she's worried she's going to get this phone call as his marriage celebrant!

Hear how it all went down:

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