Ned & Josh’s $1K Bounty Hunt

Ned & Josh’s $1K Bounty Hunt

There’s no denying Ned & Josh are a couple of video-gaming nerds. They’re huge fans of everything comics, gaming and sci-fi and are beyond excited to attend Canberra’s GAMMA CON 2018. They got to thinking how they could make their first-ever visit to GAMMA CON more exciting and adventurous… by turning their lives into the plot of a real-life super hero movie.

Both Ned and Josh will be dressed up head to toe in anime or action hero costumes. We’re talking full body costumes and a face of professional stage makeup to match. However, we can’t tell you who they will be dressed as…. Well, because we’d be telling you too much.

Ned and Josh will both be attending GAMMA CON on either Saturday or Sunday (4th or 5th August 2018) disguised in their costumes.

All you have to do is find Ned or Josh at GAMMA CON 2018, because the boys have a $1000.00 bounty on their head! If you find them, you will be given a personalized Ned & Josh Bounty Card, meaning, you’ve done the impossible, you’ve found the boys, and can now claim a $1,000.00 Bounty!